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WineX – The Wine Experience

WineX – The Wine Experience



IL BORRO | WineX Competition Winner


Located in Tuscany but still off the beaten track, an existing commercial structure in the town of San Giustino Valdarno was chosen for the conversion into a wine experience center. In this competition winning project we demonstrated how this location can become a successful epicenter for Italian wines by creating a public showcase space of the work of top Italian wine makers. The project combines an immersive educational experience with a commercial objective – and allows for countless instagrammable moments to drive recognition.

In collaboration with Studio Benaim.


The experience takes the visitors from the fundamentals of winemaking – the hands, the soil and the tools – on a story out into the wineyards and then through the wine making process. It offers fundamental knowledge of the making process paired with brand stories of top winemakers, developing an understanding for what makes wines superior while building a strong relationship with the visitor.

Once arrived at the wine aging process, together with the wine the visitors rise up to the second story of the exhibition, which leads through Italy’s main wine regions. In four large sections, grape varieties are highlighted, and important topics are introduced, such as aroma distinctions, glassware, and wine-pairing. The exhibition sections intersect with marketplaces, which showcase wineries and highlight wines from partner winemakers.

The experience concludes with a highly individualized tasting experience and the possibility to purchase wines.



A perfect sommelier is able to serve you a wine that fits your taste and helps expand it at the same time. With the WineX card, we give every visitor the chance to individually collect aromas and wines of interest on the storypath through the exhibition. When arriving at the tasting experience, the sommelier can see the individual preference selections and recommend accordingly, developing a tasting profile. The profile and tasting notes on the WineX card can then be swiftly connected to the online store, enabling an obstacle-free conversion from visitor to operative customer in the online wine store.