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PORSCHE Panamera Launch - LUXOOM

PORSCHE Panamera Launch



Porsche | Panamera China Launch


How to fuse the soul of a luxury business sedan with the soul of a super sports car? Two elements that naturally push each other away become united in this model. Our stage, show and interactive design celebrates this thrilling contradiction for the audience of the Porsche Panamera China Launch.


The creative concept for the stage plays with the audience’s expectations, as two massive LED walls dominate the view and leave little space for a car to enter the stage.

Only in the final dramatic seconds of the launch trailer, the two walls move backwards together, symbolizing the fusing of Luxury Business and Super Sports.

When the two walls finally unite, the new Panamera model is born and appears on stage. An extremely impactful experience.

stage setup steps 1
20130913 Panamera Launch Media Group 2 0209
stage setup steps 2
20130913 Panamera Launch Media Group 2 0218
stage setup steps 3
20130914 Panamera Launch POS Dongguan 0370
stage setup steps 4
20130913 Panamera Launch Media Group 2 0272

The Porsche Panamera China Launch was led by Vok Dams China.