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SHOW SMART Mixed Reality Presentations

SHOW SMART Mixed Reality Presentations




Harvester in operation.
Anytime. Anywhere.

SHOW SMART is a mixed reality tool for presenting CLAAS agricultural machinery at trade shows, events, and 1:1 sales meetings. It can be used live, hybrid, or streaming-only. At any time, the functions of a real machine can be viewed and virtually demonstrated in operation. It is especially tailored to the agricultural target group due to its distinct tool nature. The simple hardware used allows for multiple, global applications.


SHOW SMART opens up a presentation platform for CLAAS that can vividly explain the smart, technological solutions that are increasingly at the heart of agricultural machinery’s  performance promise. Farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs are the target audience, all of whom tend to be so-called ‘tire-kickers’ who prefer to touch and try out the machines. SHOW SMART bridges the gap between real machines and often invisible technology. SHOW SMART is used by CLAAS employees and salespeople all over the world in situations ranging from a press conference stream to a hybrid presentation, such as on a trade fair stage, to a 1:1 sales presentation on a farm with or without a machine. 


As a real-time mixed reality application, SHOW SMART combines the attractiveness of the real machine with insights into its technical performance in a manner appropriate for the target group. Exact spatial correspondence, as well as a frequently alternating machine and a virtual experience model, link them in real time to a continuous product narrative. An iPad Pro is in use, with images that can be transferred to external media and rendering power that can be outsourced to a powerful computer for larger shows. Setup and operation are thoroughly explained in HowTo videos, allowing CLAAS employees to operate the system as independently and flexibly as possible. CLAAS product experts participate in the development process as users. 

SHOW SMART reaches a target group that is comfortable with tools and machines through visible gestures and transparent functions. It introduces a new dimension of real-time visualization, providing meaningful and efficient insights and explaining contexts. The form of the presentation naturally underscores CLAAS technological leadership in the market and provides entertainment value far beyond the films and powerpoint presentations used in the past. SHOW SMART also allows CLAAS employees to respond to questions during the presentation in real time, reacting flexibly to the target group’s various knowledge needs. 

Finally, by eliminating the need for complex media technology even for large shows, the SHOW SMART iPad becomes a tool in the hands of CLAAS employees, allowing them to better explain the machine. This appeals to a target audience of machine and tool users. When using a tool, you typically see what users do to achieve a goal. This is consistently translated into the SHOW SMART interface all gestures and selections are visualized, and controls and as well as cues are visible in the audience playback. The target audience clearly sees what the presenter is doing to convey information. This establishes trust.

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