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When it comes to showcasing BMW’s brand identity and captivating showroom experiences, our team of experts took inspiration from the iconic BMW i pentagonal identity pattern, which has been a cornerstone of the BMW i brand since its inception. Our goal was to transform this distinctive pattern into a cutting-edge and interactive installation, resulting in a spatial masterpiece.

Our innovative approach involved constructing a dynamic curvilinear structure comprised of transformable light sticks. This meticulously designed installation not only adapts to its surroundings but also seamlessly integrates a wealth of BMW i topics, creating an immersive and engaging environment. By seamlessly incorporating the BMW i3 and i8 models, this interactive Ecosystem serves as a powerful medium to showcase the remarkable qualities of BMW i that may not be immediately apparent on the physical models themselves.

Visitors can discover the captivating world of BMW i through this interactive installation, where the iconic pentagonal pattern and the innovative design language of the BMW brand come together to create an unforgettable showroom experience. They can immerse themselves in the fusion of technology, sustainability, and sheer driving pleasure that defines BMW i, as the Ecosystem brings to life the essence of the brand in a way that goes beyond the physical realm.


The interactive toolbox of the Ecosystem relies on proximity. Once it detects a visitor, it starts interactively sending light impulses into the grid and playfully showcases visual content around the captured silhouette.