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BMW 5 Series Brand Stores

BMW 5 Series Brand Stores



BMW | BMW 5 Series Brand Stores


As part of our ongoing work on BMW Brandstore exhibitions, the BMW 5 Series asked for a creative combination of business and sport designs. Signature blue light stripes embedded in the tarmac below the model references speed and agility. The same light stripes continue up the presentation walls, partly covered by black glass, allowing for flexible and modular concepts. This all is dominated by the numeral ‘5’ to make evident who’s the hero in this setup.


Like all the Brand Store exhibition designs, the Business Athlete designs and creative content had to flexibly work everywhere that BMW is on the market. We created a sophisticated style guide that is the basis for all adaptations worldwide, defining all structural elements and materials, as well as interactive installations and media to achieve a unified presentation – in the BMW Welt (above) as well as for instance in Brussels, New York and Paris (below).