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BMWi. We embarked on a mission to make the complex world of BMW i more accessible, engaging, and playful. Leveraging the power of augmented reality (AR), we developed a groundbreaking solution that allows visitors to walk directly into the BMW i topics and experience them firsthand.

By installing physical portals throughout the brand stores, we created a seamless transition into the BMW i story. As visitors pass through these portals, they are instantly transported into a captivating digital realm where the BMW i experience unfolds.

To guide and enhance the journey, the renowned BMW host, Chris Brow, greets and accompanies visitors throughout the entire AR experience. With his expertise and charisma, Chris brings the BMW i topics to life, ensuring that every visitor feels immersed and connected to the brand.

The AR experience takes guests on an immersive narrative, leading them through the various facets of BMW i. Starting with the 360° Electric experience, visitors gain insights into the sustainable and cutting-edge electric technologies that power BMW i vehicles. They learn about the innovative features, benefits, and the environmental impact of driving electric.

Moving forward, the AR journey explores route planning, showcasing the intelligent navigation systems designed specifically for BMW i owners. Visitors are introduced to the extensive network of charging stations, demonstrating how easy it is to maintain the charge and explore new destinations confidently.

Highlighting the range and capabilities of the BMW i3 and i8 cars, the AR experience enables users to explore the design, performance, and unique features of these groundbreaking vehicles. From the futuristic interior to the eco-friendly materials used, visitors gain a comprehensive understanding of the unparalleled driving experience that BMW i offers.