BOSCH | Interactive Avatar - Roger

Mediatecture, Design & Production


Luxoom was tasked to create an interactive avatar application, ‘Roger’ for BOSCH customers to interact with. The project itself acted as a marketing tool for BOSCH.

The Brief

BOSCH’s central question was how to create an attractive and appealing user interface while giving the audience a very clear picture of the sensors’ versatile and innovative functionality.

The Challenge

The main objective was to showcase an interactive application with good response time, accuracy and stability in the utilization of the application in order to highlight the sensors performance.

The Solution

Luxoom developed the avatar Roger, who is located on a small planet waiting for the user to interact with him. While interacting with Roger the user experiences the extent and accuracy of the BOSCH sensors. Anticipated was a UI scenario that was based on minimal input and maximum effect, while offering optional interactive experiences based on the user’s interactive choices.