BMW | 2 Series Cabrio 2016

Brand Store Design & Concept


The BMW Brand Store’s new 2 Series Cabrio exhibition focuses on a design-savvy and spontaneous target group, which first and foremost likes to express its individuality, is highly interested in style trendsand innovative developments and extensively uses social mediachannels for networking and trend scouting.

The Brief

Transform the brand store into a show room for the new 2 Series Convertible that emanates a warm, bright and positive summer-like atmosphere.

The Challenge

Luxoom was tasked to create a brand store concept that attracts a younger audience by including forward-thinking applications such as social media networks with which customers could interact. A further challenge was to transport the convertible’s bright summery associations into an inside area and equally portraying the car’s high level of design aesthetic and advanced technology.

The Solution

Approaching the design of the BMW Brand Store, the colours and images convey the feeling of stepping into a Californian sunset. The chosen imagery underlines the first-ever BMW 2 Series Convertible’s independent design, driving dynamics and the free attitude, conveying a vision of a convertible on open road under a bright, limitless sky.

A gigantic Kaleidoscope installation attracts passers-byand prominently features VITRA’s Panton Chairsin the main showroom windows. Looking through the eye-catching Kaleidoscope, the diversity of both car and Panton chair is displayed. Every motion shows new fascinating angles and prisms, therefore engaging all sensesand encouraging active social media participation.