Bosch Sensortec | Roger Application

Interactive Experience, Design Concept & Development, Deployment

Bosch Sensortec is one of the biggest sensor companies in the world, offering micro-mechanical sensors for consumer electronics. For the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas, the Roger Application was developed to showcase the capacities of Bosch Sensortec sensors. 

The Brief
Design and develop a 3D puppet demonstration which will react according to the movement of a control device that contains Bosch Sensortec’s 9-Axis sensor and environment sensor.

The Challenge
Demonstrate sensor KPIs in a professional manner with a good response time, accuracy and stability, while incorporating eye-catching design, the visual quality of which still stands out in global trade shows - CES 2015.

The Solution
“Roger” - an animated 3D character controlled by Bosch Sensortec sensors while exploring his virtual world, was brought to life.

Roger welcomes the audience to the Bosch Sensortec planet, which he explores together with the audience. With the control device with Bosch Sensortec sensors, the user can control Roger’s orientation on the planet to explore its desert, forrest and urban landscape. Challenges animate Roger to dance, pick apples or to find sunglasses. The planet also reacts to the environment data from the sensor, e.g. it rains if the humidity gets high, and Roger flies if the pressure drops. For flexibility on-site, thresholds are made configurable.

To further link the sensor function and the story enfolding on the screen, a sensor overlay mode is available. If triggered, the different actions and movements of the screen get visually connected with an animated representation of the sensor on screen to give the audience a better understanding of sensor hardware and functionality.