Porsche | Porsche Panamera Beijing Launch

Mediatecture, Media Concept & Production

Contributing to the exclusive world launch of the Porsche Panamera in Shanghai was only eclipsed by Luxoom's partaking in the national launch in Beijing. Within three weeks production time we transformed the ballroom of the Park Hyatt Beijing into a stylish airfield and had the Panamera virtually flown in. A show that was streamed on social media platforms minutes later and gave goose bumps to everyone involved.

We supported Avantgarde Shanghai with design and technical planning, media concept and production, live show direction as well as production of all other media presentations of the event.

The Brief
Deliver the Porsche Panamera from Leipzig to Beijing in a spectacular way and give the invited audience the exclusive feel of being first to experience this new luxury car.

The Challenge
Extremely short preparation time and expectations higher than the sky about the Panamera's great entrance.

The Solution
By means of stage design and a precise performance, the ballroom was turned into an airfield, an aircraft body was built – and became visible at the right moment of the launch film. The Panamera came out of its cargo hatch, rolling on a cat walk through visitors' applause.